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College Search / Matching Service


Here are some very helpful resources –

  • Lacrosse by the numbers – Gives a ranking of all D!,2, and 3 college teams based on 2019 performance - scroll to bottom of page. Helpful for you to know who to target. Understand what is a good target, a reach, and a fall back. Also understand many will be out of reach based on their higher level of play.
  • Connectlax search tool – A great resource to find colleges with women’s lacrosse teams by division, cost, location, academic level etc Can filter schools by your criteria and then see list and click on school to get much specific info for the school. Consider putting your profile on Connectlax – it’s a good tool.
  • College lacrosse play and scholarship opportunities by the numbers – lots of info
  • IWLCA website – Coaches directory, recruiting info, camp list etc
  • FLG’s prospect day listing – not complete but has many. Best way to know if a school on your target list will have a prospect day / clinic is to follow their women’s lacrosse Instagram account