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Xtreme Lacrosse Club Mission and Policies


Xtreme Lacrosse club strives to offer the best available playing and training opportunities for central PA girls lacrosse players. We constantly work to improve both professional club management and player development techniques. The goal is to provide a top quality, nationally recognized program where Xtreme players achieve high levels of success on and off the field and have every opportunity to continue play in college.

In order to achieve our goals as a club and for parents and players to have the best experience, Xtreme Club membership requires a commitment to playing in team events throughout the year. With this commitment comes individual and team success and a more enjoyable experience for both player and parent. Xtreme membership provides the opportunity to advance not only lacrosse abilities but also the skills needed to develop strong character and self-confidence. By stressing the value of functioning as a team, setting goals, and working hard, we are able to see measurable growth in our player’s lacrosse and life skills. And of course they have a lot of fun along the way!

  • Attendance -- Practices are mandatory with exceptions for illness or injury and conflict with in season school sport only. Missing practices for important family events (weddings etc) or religious observance is also acceptable. Absences not considered excused include, but are not limited to, friends’ birthday parties, other club sports practices/games, and family vacations. We do expect families to plan vacations around tournament schedules. Unexcused absences can result in less playing time in tournaments and if excessive, removal from team. Players are expected to participate in fall, winter, and summer events. Players participating in school basketball are not required to participate in the winter team training. We understand
  • Uniform -- Players must wear their Xtreme reversible pinnie to all practices. Xtreme game shorts and pinnies must be worn to all tournament games.
  • Playing Time Policy -- Xtreme teams are competitive teams and their objectives are to perform at the highest level.  Playing time must be earned. Coaches may start, and may play more, the girls that provide the best opportunity for success on the field. Factors such as missed practices, missed tournaments, effort and attitude may impact a player’s playing time. Xtreme teams generally have between 18-22 rostered players per team. Xtreme reserves the right to add or remove players from rosters at any time. All players are expected to work hard and demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to improve and develop their skills on an ongoing basis. All players with good attendance and attitude will receive significant but not necessarily even playing time.  There is no minimum playing time requirement. Equal playing time will be more of the focus in our youngest teams. For high school teams, understanding the goal of attending true recruiting tournaments, the coaches will attempt to give all players significant amounts of game time. We attend tournaments of a wide variety of competition levels.  The goal of some tournaments is purely fun and participation while others include a championship format.  At Championship and more competitive tournaments, it benefits the entire program for our teams to perform well.  In those situations, playing time will be determined with the focus on winning.
  • Payments and fees – There is one annual fee that covers all practices and tournaments for the fall and summer seasons and the indoor team training in the winter. Players missing the indoor season due to basketball conflict receive a $200 deduction from the final payment. Fee is split into 3 payments due 7/19, 10/1, and 2/1. Waiting lists will be formed after tryouts and non-payment may result in loss of roster spot. Fees are non-refundable. There will be a $25 late fee per seven-day week for each week an installment is past due. If fees are not paid by date due, player will not be able to continue participation in scheduled events and may be replaced on the roster. All fees are due if the player chooses to leave the club before the end of the club year. Fees include all tournament entry costs, coaching at practices and tournaments, field rental for practices, administrative expenses, travel coordination, and recruiting seminars and consultation. Uniform and travel expenses are not included in the fee. Discounted team hotel blocks are provided for events that require hotel stay.
  • Cancellation -- Practices and tournaments canceled due to weather are not rescheduled and credits are not issued. We build extra practices into each season with the expectation that weather cancelations will happen.
  • Injury – Players who miss an entire season due to serious injury may receive a partial refund at the discretion of the club.